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Re-earthing Urban Design: Radical theory and practices
The impacts of climate change on cities and societies is an important part of current debates on urban issues. These impacts are inevitable, and if society as a whole does not act, the frequency and severity of the impacts will increase. While the commitment to action has a strong focus on technology and individual social behaviour, it disregards the fact that the current crisis is the result of colonial modes of production and modern living that have downplayed the importance of systemic modes of living eroding our relation with the earth and the environment. From most disciplines, design has been at the service of humanity’s exploitation of the environment. To shift the role of design it is imperative to first acknowledge and understand its own complicity with the current crisis and second, to recognize the multiplicity of others, human and not, with whom we share this space called earth. Re-earthing design requires disruptive innovations to break existing systems of thought and practice and engagement with existing knowledge and practices that offer alternatives for decolonial futures that foster radical interdependencies in the production of space.
Our guest for the event are:

Claudia Rojas Bernal - PhD
Professor Universidad de la Costa, Colombia 

Alejandro Torero Gamero 
BUDD Alumnus
Lecturer at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

By Martina Mina
BUDD Alumna
Community Build Manager at Global Generation

Chair: Dr Natalia Villamizar Duarte / Laia Garcia

Feb 4, 2022 11:00 AM in London

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