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Book launch: Tolyattii: Exploring the (After-)Life of a (Post-)Soviet Automobile City.
Tolyatti (V–A–C Press, The Velvet Cell, 2020) by Michele Cera and Guido Sechi, is the outcome of a visual/scholarly research project devoted to the public spaces of the former USSR, focusing on the Tolyatti automobile factory.

The automobile district in Tolyatti appeared at the and of the 1960s in the vicinity of the then-under-construction car factory. The designs for the “Auto-grad” combined Soviet concepts of a minutely-planned “city of the future” with self-sustaining super-sized housing estates known as “micro-districts” (mikroraiony), wide boulevards and spaces for collective interaction. On the other hand, Tolyatti is a vivid instance of a contemporary Russian monotown (a city organised around a single industry or factory complex), located on the peripheries of globalisation.

The participants in the presentation discuss the fate of public spaces, post-Soviet cities and their visual representations in the contemporary media; as well as tendencies of urban transformation today.


-- Guido Sechi, researcher, lecturer at the Department of Human Geography in the University of Latvia. Primary sphere of interests: urban and regional studies of the post-Soviet space.

-- Michele Cera, photographer, participant in multiple international exhibitions.

*Respondents* (bios coming soon)

-- Daria Bocharnikoa

-- Anna Shevchenko

-- Vladimir Kulić

-- Kirill Glushchenko

-- Yaroslav Aleshin

This event is organised by PPV in collaboration with the V-A-C Foundation.

May 11, 2021 05:00 PM in London

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